Welcome to Kisholoy Balika Biddaloy O College

A huge welcome to our very special children, parents, and interested visitors. It is a real pleasure and absolute privilege as the Principal of Kisholoy Girls’ School and College to welcome you to our school website. Kisholoy is a truly unique seat of girls’ education with a long history of successfully providing the highest quality education in the country since 1960. Throughout the past …… years we have always prided ourselves in making our girls feel special and nurtured their talents in all areas of the curriculum. I look forward to hearing your views through future consultation events of how we can continually try to improve the education we provide for your children. I am passionate that we create a truly outstanding educational institution built on secure foundations of excellent teaching, a daring, memorable, creative curriculum, and consistently high academic attainment and progress for all learners. It is my vision that the students of Kisholoy leave us as happy, successful, articulate, aspiration and empathetic young people, eager for the next stage of learning in their lives and respectful towards the exciting differences of cultures and religions. It is also crucial that in our school we foster a whole family atmosphere where children feel confident to express their individuality, their talents and know that success in any aspect of their lives will be rewarded and celebrated. Together we will make Kisholoy an exciting place for your children in which to learn, grow, and flourish in the center of our vibrant community and also as a beacon of excellence across our country. Yours Sincerely Md. Rahamot Ullah

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