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Education is the sustainable and favourable change of behavior. The materialization of this change is a difficult pursuit. This veryfavourable change is thebetter education. It is our belief that affection is more effective than domination in the teaching to make it more stable.

The word “Education” is originated from the word “Educare”. ‘Educare’ means rearing or fosteringthe learners, where the role of teachers and relativesis regarded the highest. There is no substitute of appropriate home and institutional education for a learner to make them honest, truthful, vocational or job-oriented, creative or intellectual, science-minded, dutiful, ideal and patriotic citizen. We are committed to comply with the heavy responsibilities for institutionalization.

A well-educated mother is the main instrument to build a well-educated nation. In this perseverance of making thisinstrument, the slogan of our institution is “Best Mother, Best Nation.” We have our own oath and anthem. We also have qualified teachers and suitable education-friendly environment.  We are always active and careful to create ‘Best Mother’. We have a long history of spreading female education in this region.

We are committed to stay one step ahead even in the age of free informationtransfer. In this respect, we have enriched our website with the necessary information of teachers, students and guardians. You are invited to take part in our advancement with your constructive suggestions and advices. Your instructive and continuous participation is always cordially welcomed. Our website Id is Thank you for visiting our website.